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Table Talks

Every once in a while, God blesses us with the incredible opportunity to meet people who completely remind us of Jesus.

I met such a person about two weeks ago.

Her name is Sadie.

She is about to be in fifth grade.

And she reminded me of God's love for us.

Camp Siloam T2 June 201

As a part of my job at Camp Siloam, I sit with campers at meals and talk to them.

Yes, I do have the best summer job ever.

I walked into the dining hall near the end of breakfast because I had been taking care of other things. I spotted a table with a couple young girls and moved to join them. Not even five minutes after I sat down, they all finished their food and left. One girl remained because she had loaded her plate with yogurt and fruits of all kinds. I learned her name was Sadie and talked with her until she finished. I then walked out of the dining hall with her, and we hung out for about ten minutes before the morning worship service started. In those ten minutes, Sadie decided that she and I were now best friends. When we said "see you later," she told me exactly where she'd be sitting at lunch.

I figured it would be pretty jerk of me not to show up after she spent so much time explaining exactly where she'd be, so at lunch I directly went looking for her. We sat and talked, and when I had to go she told me where she'd be at dinner and said, "See you there!"

I now had a choice. I could choose to find Sadie at dinner and sit with her again, or I could neglect her invitation and do whatever else I wanted to.

Dinner came around, and I stood in line with kids, chatting until I had my tray of food. I decided I'd head the direction Sadie told me she'd be sitting. I rounded the corner with my tray, and there was Sadie, eyes peeled, just waiting for me to come join her. She began to wave and point to the seat she had saved next to her.

This happened at almsot every meal for the rest of the week. I would round the corner and Sadie would wave me down to join her table at the seat she had saved for me.

I think she's a lot like Jesus in this way. God chooses us and saves us a seat at His table. He reveals Himself to us and invites us to Himself. He has extended the invitation, and now it is up to us to accept it and go join Him. We must now choose to commune with Him.

I don't know about you, but I hate walking into a cafeteria alone not knowing where to sit. Maybe that's middle-school of me but whatever. It's the truth. I have a lot more peace when I walk in knowing there is a seat saved for me next to the ones I love to be with. I would never turn that down for the chaos of trying to find strangers to fit in with or for being alone. I would assume most people are on that same page with me.

Yet all too often we know the invitation and choose to do something else instead. We see God waiting, waving us down for the seat He has saved for us. We see Him wanting us to join Him and engage in the communion He welcomes us to, but we choose to ignore it. We run from the grace and love and eternity waiting for us to gratify ourselves with things that won't last.

Even sheep know the shepherd's voice and come when he calls. We should follow their example in this matter. God calls to us in each moment, in every decision, at every point in our lives. He shows us exactly where He'll be, and He never moves. He never revokes His invitation either. Choose Him.

Come sit at the table.

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