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Fake News, We're All Fine

I wrote the following article as a submission for an integrity writing project with an emphasis on the importance of honesty in our lives. I hope it challenges and encourages you to live with bold honesty:

Continuous refusal to honestly describe how we feel and what we think robs God’s people of their opportunities to carry out their roles as His hands and feet.

American culture has turned the question “How are you?” into a passive greeting. The question elicits a non-committal “good” from most.

Such a robotic response turns an opportunity to share personal burdens and receive encouragement into a façade of piety and happiness. We exude dishonesty by trying to appear put together. In the process, those who feel lost or caught in sin may feel unwelcome in a place like church where everyone is “doing good” and has no problems or doubts.

Hiding doubts, particularly about faith in a Christian context, leaves individuals feeling isolated and wrong in their questioning. Withholding questions stunts growth and limits room for spiritual discovery and understanding.

Vulnerability begets vulnerability. While we cannot change everyone, we have the power to change ourselves. Openness regarding our state-of-being swings the door to provide care for one another wide open.

We must share ourselves honestly. Doing so extends God’s mission to reach the broken, hurting, and lost with Himself through His people.


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